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Hickory Smoked Semi-Dried Tomatoes 900g

Hickory Smoked Semi-Dried Tomatoes product

A love affair between sweet and smoky

Our Hickory Smoked Semi-Dried Tomatoes add a sophisticated level of complexity to any spread or antipasto platter. Bite into these juicy semi-dried tomatoes and experience a rush of sweet and smoky, with the hickory smoke injecting its unique, bold flavour into the tomatoes, enhanced with salt and herbs. These are truly versatile little treats – the only limit is your imagination!

Serving Ideas

  • Add smoky complexity to your antipasto spread
  • Top homemade pizzas
  • Add to pastas, salads or sandwiches
  • Use in a semi-dried tomato pesto
  • Include as a filling for savoury muffins or quiches


Hickory Smoked Semi Dried Tomatoes [Semi-dried tomato (48%), Hickory Smoke (5%), Canola Oil, Garlic, Basil, Salt, Vinegar, Herb Mix, Acidity Regulator (E330)], Canola Oil.

Storage Instructions

Keep refrigerated. Store at or below 5°C. Once opened, ensure the product is covered in the original marinade and consume within 8 days.